Welcome to Gary Mills Photography.   

I love having a front row seat at concert, a theatrical performance or an event of any kind.  I love feeling the energy of the moment, being close to the participants, taking in all the nuances of the story and the flow of the action as it unfolds right in front of me.  
I love the excitement that comes when the curtain is drawn back, the door is opened and I experience the atmosphere of those moments, its situation, its context, its light, its sounds, its shape, its history and its uniqueness, which can be at times enigmatic, surprising and yet full of wonder.
I love being caught up in those moments and being present there where everything else that may distract me fades into the background, being consciously aware, totally engaged, and above all seeing things that others may not have seen and then creating an image of that moment.
Over the years my style of photographic art has gravitated towards creating images that reflect the moment and emotions of what I’m seeing through the viewfinder.  With one click of the shutter my hope is that the viewer is able to enter that moment again and see himself or herself and the world, in which they live, and in turn be touched by that experience in a positive way. 
That is why I love to be invited to share in those front row moments with you and to experience and share the joy and appreciation of what has been created for you.